Food Scraps
Everyone should be aware of the tremendous opportunity that recycling organic material – that we commonly call “waste” – represents. Today, the processes behind collecting organics separately – and recovering it – are well known and the benefits for the environment and the economy are proven. Despite a good number of success stories around the world, many cities and businesses are still sending organics to landfills or incineration and the relationship between soil health and human health is still to be clarified to many. Massive efforts are still to be made in building awareness and sharing best-practices on how communities can create value from their waste stream and positively impact their environment. The Organic Stream (formerly known as is dedicated to packaging an unprecedented set of formats for local governments, agriculture and businesses in effort to bring their influencers up to speed on the subject matter. The project is self-funded and coordinated by Green White Space, a not-for-profit organization specializing in building impact-driven enterprises.