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World Efficiency

When: 13/10-15/10 2015

Where: Paris, France

Organiser: Pollutec & Reed Expositions

World Efficiency Show & Congress

World Efficiency Show & Congress


World Efficiency is a biennial event designed to support thought leaders to keep abreast of the latest resources and climate innovations, discuss challenges and solutions, and take steps towards a low carbon and circular economy.

Hosted by the organisers of Pollutec, World Efficiency’s first edition took place during 13-15th Oct, 2015 at Paris Porte de Versailles, France. The event played a role in the COP21/CMP11 Agenda des Solutions/ Action Plan.

World Efficiency included two parts: the show and the congress. While the show was aimed to exhibit green projects and insights to reduce the carbon footprint and preserve resources, the World Efficiency congress tapped into a diversity of international knowledge and expertise. It provided a platform in which cross-sector players from policy makers, businesses, academia to NGOs shared insights on the latest trends of the green economy, discussed challenges and alternative solutions to a wide range of sustainability themes including energy efficiency, smart building, innovative cities and territories, transport and mobility, production and materials, industry of the future and water and sea management.


Selected speakers:

  • Ms. Delphine Lévi Alvarès – Policy Officer of Zero Waste France
  • Mr. Olivier Chazal – Manager of ADEME International Club
  • Ms. Raphaëlle Kounkou-Arnaud – Climatologist in the research unit of Météo-France


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Photos courtesy of World Efficiency.


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